I’m Done

Meditation Retreat

Do you feel like you need a “time out” to regroup and recharge? This ongoing winter has been brutal and many of us are stressed out and burned out. A client of mine this morning was wearing a shirt that says, “I’m done” and it truly resonated.   Woman are unfortunately plagued with so many […]

5 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Eating…. Guilt Free!

With just a little life experience certain things become, well, if not predictable, at least pretty likely. Our annual holiday procession of opportunities to overdo seasonal goodies–Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties, New Year’s revelries, piles of potato pancakes, copious cups of eggnog, pumpkin pie a-plenty–will end for many people with a sense of regretful gorging. In […]

A small glitch in my vacation

This past holiday weekend, I had an amazingly scenic trip to the mountains of Colorado. We first visited my favorite place in the country, Boulder, and  enjoyed the foodie nature of the town, unlimited gluten-free options, great unique boutiques, hiking, a Red Rocks concert and more. Then it was off to Vail, where allergies, the altitude and a summer cold caught up with me. […]