The Book


Mindful Is the New Skinny
10 Transformational Steps to a Lighter You Inside & Out

“Nourish the inside, flourish on the outside.”

Are you fed up with feeling stressed and stretched thin—yet never “skinny” enough to be happy? Are you burned out on diets, overwhelmed with work and drowning in family obligations? Mindful Is the New Skinny is for any woman who struggles with numerous demands and unrealistic expectations of a perfect body and a perfect life. This book describes a new way of thinking about the challenges in your life, and the way you relate to yourself and others for a happier, healthier, more peaceful existence.

"A joyful life is not the result of perfection and judgment but rather of self-compassion."


As a bonus for purchasing this book, you will have access to a meditation and resource library that includes audio meditations, visualizations, recipes, fun tips, poems and meditation scripts. Written by a psychotherapist and holistic health coach who’s been in your shoes, the author offers a sane and sustainable approach to ending the love-hate relationship with food and yourself—once and for all. In clear, fun and relatable language, Jodi gently guides you into a mindfulness practice by sharing her best practices, tips and techniques. She reveals how to change your mindset, combat stress and lose your emotional weight so you can look and feel your best inside and out. With hard-won wisdom that life is less about “to do”-ing and more about “be”-ing, the author will have you loving life, your body and yourself like never before.

There are five sections:

  • Self compassion/self care
  • Healthy and Mindful Eating
  • Stress Reduction- Body and Mind
  • Changing your Mind
  • Relationships and Forgiveness


BOOK SAMPLE (excerpt Chapter 1)

It’s bright and early Saturday morning and I’m at the gym in yoga class, sporting my new breathable Athleta workout pants. I stake out my favorite spot in front of the mirror so I can check my alignment. The class begins peacefully in a lotus position on the mat. I inhale deeply and close my eyes. Ah yes, I’m so ready to let life’s stresses fall away after a hectic week of responsibilities.

The instructor leads us into the first pose and I catch my look in the mirror. Ugh. There’s that darn muffin top flopping out of my waistband. My head floods with thoughts of self-loathing. Why can’t I shrink my stomach? I eat healthy and exercise. It’s not fair! The instructor is so skinny. I look so big next to her. Okay, stop obsessing and breathe. Cat and cow pose. This feels great on my back. Downward dog. Hold in those stomach muscles. That’s better. Now into Warrior Two.

I glance in the side mirror. God, I hate my belly rolls. I’m not eating this week. I’m disgusting. Now I know why yoga studios don’t use mirrors. Maybe I need to go to a studio instead of this gym. And on and on.

So much for letting go of stress. Now I’m even more frazzled than when I walked into class.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the upshot: None of the women in my class were noticing my muffin top because they were probably too busy obsessing about their own. For how accomplished, successful and “self-realized” we are as women, we’re still plagued by criticisms about our physical appearance, particularly our weight, not just from the media and modern culture but from our own negative self-talk that we’ve internalized since forever. We are programmed to think that we need to look a certain way in order to be accepted, loved and, therefore, happy. It seems crazy, but it’s reality.

Like it or not, most of us would probably admit that the saying, “You can never be too rich or too thin” holds a measure of truth. Case in point: one of my clients recently told me that she thinks being skinny equals power.

“Your life may be a shit show, but if you are skinny, you have it all,” she shared.

How sad is that? Surely, other things in life matter more than what size jeans we fit into. If not, then I question how far we’ve truly come as females. What I’d like to suggest is that a great percentage of what’s holding us women back from our true power stems not from society and culture, but our own inner monologue. If we can change that, we’re off to a good start in achieving the self-acceptance and happiness that we falsely believe being skinny will bring us. Forget the number on the scale. You are not a wrestler, wearing your weight class on your sleeve. After all, what we are really going for is the feeling that being skinny offers us, not the number.


At Integrative Nutrition, we believe that improving health and happiness can transform the world. This is exactly the message that Jodi espouses in this book. It’s an informative guide to learning how to nourish yourself—not just with whole, healthy foods but, most importantly, a healthy attitude towards oneself and life. Jodi’s perspective is fresh and lively yet profound.
~ Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

Jodi has done an incredible job writing a book that is accessible to all women striving to find peace, balance and contentment in their busy lives. I highly recommend learning from her personal story and following her practical and effective 10 steps.
~ Jeanette E. Cueva, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

You may initially pick up this book to help yourself create a better relationship around food, but you will get so much more. Jodi provides a recipe for living your best life, broken down into relatable and actionable steps. She makes mindfulness doable. Give this book to every woman you know!
~ Ali Katz, Author Hot Mess to Mindful Mom and Get the Most Out of Motherhood

Wise and breezy, this guided journey shows how mindfulness can help us transcend stress and other negative elements that get in the way of our being our best in mind, body and spirit. Blending her trained expertise, real-life case studies and common sense, Jodi imparts invaluable insights and practical tools in an upbeat manner that is straight from the heart.
~ Lisa D. Ellis, MS, RDN, CDN, LMSW, CEDRD

Jodi provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for helping you turn down the volume on negative thoughts, enhance your spiritual connection and get present so you can enjoy where you are in each moment.
~ Michele Gregson, Westchester Women Chair, UJA Federation, New York

Through playful yet reflective writing, Jodi provides an excellent and relatable approach for lasting happiness and a healthy self-image through the lens of mindfulness. This is THE guide for living a joyful, meaningful and authentic life free of self-judgment!
~ Debbie Zeichner, LCSW Parent Coach and Mindfulness Educator

With clever insights, real-life case studies, accessible practices and just the right dose of science to back up her claims, Jodi makes a convincing case that mindfulness is the key to women finally being at peace with their bodies . . . and their lives.
~ Laurie Simon, MS, RD, CDE

What people are saying about working with Jodi

“I felt like I was drowning, frustrated and overwhelmed and didn't have the tools to handle my life and all the pressures. I am still on the road, but now I can see how it is manageable and can be done. Had I not seen Jodi, I would have been on a downward spiral, and not be the mom and wife I wanted to be. My family life is way more peaceful, and I see my challenges in a different light.”
- Alexis R.

“When I came to Jodi, I was an exhausted stressed out mother, and no good to anyone, including myself. Jodi has taught me how to pause before reacting and look at life from another vantage point which has changed how I relate to my kids, husband and even how good I am to myself!”
- Debbie M.

“I have been struggling with my weight for a long time now. Jodi offered a fresh perspective that makes perfect sense. When I tried her approach, without even trying, I lost 5 pounds the first week. I started working out and ate well because it felt good, I was no longer tied to the number on the scale. I also started to address what I was avoiding in my life which was definitely weighing me down. I was seeking out a nutritionist, but what I got was a whole lot more!”
- Erica T.

“I was in an awful place when I came and saw Jodi. Over the past year, I have turned my life around by changing the way I respond to people. My relationships with my boyfriend, family, and co-workers are so much better, and I owe that to working with Jodi.”
- Karen G.

“What a wonderful experience working with Jodi. I learned new tools to slow down and manage my stress. I now have a better understanding of the benefits of being mindful in everyday life and the importance of meditation to achieve balance. Thank you Jodi! ”
- Kim S.