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What does the word “skinny” mean to you? Our culture tells us that “skinny” is what women should be striving for, that skinny and perfection will make us happy. 
But being perfect is exhausting, isn’t it? We’re constantly counting calories and beating ourselves up, never quite feeling good enough. 
What if we spent all that energy on something else? And what if that something else changed everything?
I was a horrible eater growing up and my nick name was Junk food Jodi. Almost 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which meant I had to be gluten-free for the rest of my life.
It was devastating, but once i got my diet under control. (being a therapist), I started counseling others on the Gluten-free diet, but there was one small problem. I was a therapist, I knew nothing about nutrition.  
So I went to an integrative nutrition school, which opened me up to a whole new world. Not only did I learn about food and the impact it has on us physically and emotionally, I was exposed to spirituality and mindfulness… which I also knew nothing about.
Even though spirituality is part of the Jewish religion, it was not a part of my Jewish education, and it was eye opening!
So, I went on to study and mindfulness and meditation, which changed my perspective and taught me how to finally be content (well relatively content), it was freeing. 
I realized that a joyful life is not the result of perfection but rather of compassion, for yourself, others and your daily experiences. 
I put all of my new found knowledge and experience into “Mindful is the New Skinny,” to help you change your mindset, manage your stress better and drop your emotional weight so you can feel lighter inside and out. 
If you nourish the inside, you will flourish on the outside.

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