I’m Done

Meditation Retreat
Meditation Retreat Do you feel like you need a "time out" to regroup and recharge? This ongoing winter has been brutal and many of us are stressed out and burned out. A client of mine this morning was wearing a shirt that says, "I'm done" and it truly resonated.
Woman are unfortunately plagued with so many responsibilities, and often feel like we are never doing enough. We strive for perfection but come up short because its truly unattainable and it robs us of happiness. It's ok if we are not the perfect parent, have the perfect body or have the perfect marriage. Life is complicated and difficult and showing some compassion for ourselves is just what we need these days.
How do we retrain our minds from the programming we have received from childhood, to be more content with our lives? It's not easy and takes some work. Learn how to make that shift and be more at peace with your body and yourself! Life doesn't have to be so hard. Most stuff in life that we think is so stressful really is NO BIG DEAL.
When you truly believe that... a burden is lifted and life gets much brighter. Change your thinking, change your life!