Mindful doesn’t mean “nice”

Why do people think mindful means nice? When I’m out with friends or family and I say something sarcastic or get upset about something, I often hear, “I thought you were so mindful.” Well let me just clarify. Mindful doesn’t mean nice. It can mean compassionate, and I do believe that I have compassion for others, but it doesn’t mean that I never get upset, angry, sad or cranky. Mindful simply means being aware of what you are experiencing and allowing that experience to unfold as it is, without wishing it were different. So, if I am cranky, irritable, angry, sad, or sarcastic, it just means that I am human. Mindfulness does not cure us of all emotions and feelings or make everything wonderful. It just allows us to be aware of them. And yes, I am aware when I’m angry. It allows us to pause and notice what we are experiencing, so maybe we can respond rather than react. It’s not always full proof, but it is a practice, one that I am always working toward. It means aware, not nice. Thank you for listening. I hope this post wasn’t too angry 🙂