I’m Turning 50!

I know your probably saying to yourself, "how can she possibly be 50?" but it's true :). A friend once told me,"40 is the old age of youth, and 50 is the youth of old age." I guess I will now be the youngest of the oldest. It’s just a number anyway, right?

Well it is true, I am going to be 50 this weekend and trying to approach this birthday with a sense of gratitude and pride; focusing on all the good in my life, not with a sense of dread and misery. Our brains always seem to look for problems to solve and tend to focus on the negative, and for sure if I let myself, I can drift off into a negative spiral about my advancing age. However, I chose not to. Yes, I have more wrinkles and a few new aches and pains, but 50 is just a number, and I certainly don't feel 50. We all have good in our lives that we can choose to focus on and I am actually looking forward to this next chapter in my life. My kids are almost out of the house and I have a new found freedom to focus on myself and what nurtures me! Its not selfish, it's just one of the positives of growing older..... and wiser. I bet when I'm 85, I will certainly think of 50 as a spring chicken, so I may as well embrace it. #50isthenew30.

So if your thinking, I wonder what Jodi would want for her birthday, besides world peace, a healthy planet and an end to discrimination, here is a suggestion. I'm not going to ask for much.... BUT,

If you read, skimmed or bought my book and enjoyed or benefited from it in any way, it would be so great if you could write a short review on Amazon. It would truly help... if you believe in my mission and want to spread it. Thank you so much in advance! I can't do this without you. (You can look at other reviews on there for inspiration) Hoping to get 50 reviews for my 50th!