I gained at least 5lbs…. and what I’m going to do about it

"I've decided I'll never get down to my original weight and I'm okay with that. After all, 6 pounds and 14 ounces is just not realistic."

I can't say it wasn't expected. Visiting my mom at her club in Florida is fabulous and I am so grateful for her health, hospitality and abundance of food. However, buffet after buffet, meal after meal can challenge the best of mindful eaters. Willpower is a muscle and only can stay strong for so long. Eventually, wearing down is inevitable when faced with enough delectable choices. When you are out of your food and exercise routine on vacation or holiday parties galore, it can wreak havoc on the best of intentions, for me at least. (However, I did make good choices whenever possible and was "mindful" of what I ate of course!).
Typically after a food porn vacation like that would come the self-loathing. I'm disgusting. I feel gross. And then the "I'm going to start my diet on New Years Day" (or maybe the next day). Well I'm not going to do or say any of that. I'm going to send myself some self-compassion and recognize that I am human and I fully enjoyed the abundance that was offered to me. I'm simply observing that I gained a few pounds without the judgment and negative self-talk (mindfulness practice). Not easy, but do-able if you are aware of it. The beating yourself up does not help your cause.
If I were to start a time limited restrictive diet, I would inevitably reverse all my gains when it was over, so why bother? Trusting that going back to my "normal" eating and exercise routine, without all the extra calories, my body will return to homeostasis. I am confident that I will get back on track and make it a priority.
"Dieting follows a predictable cycle of initial enthusiasm followed by hunger, cravings, worry, fear, getting mad at yourself and trying again. Then the cycle repeats and even if you lose the weight, it will never be enough."
Here is what I will focus my New Years intention on:
1. Mindfully eating and exercising for my health without expectation of weight loss that may or may not come, despite all my efforts, because of factors beyond my control.
Dieting is a very difficult game that few people can master over the long term. Your body will do what it needs to do to put the weight back on. Just eat clean, healthy and exercise, and let go of the outcome. Do the best you can. If you restrict your food, you will certainly binge on foods afterwards. It's the restriction, overeating syndrome.
2. Being kind to myself without the self talk that sabotages me and my relationships.
No one wants to hear how insecure you are. You teach people how to treat you. If you are constantly insulting yourself, especially to your significant other- you are convincing them that you are not lovable and worthy of their love. If you don't love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you?
So learn to love your body and yourself at any size and treat it well by nourishing it with good, healthy foods, exercise, get good sleep and of course meditate!
Meditation will get you to observe your mind so you can see clearly the patterns that sabotage your success and allow you to pause before you react to situations, family members and FOOD!


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  1. Enjoyed reading your recent post. Thank you for sharing these wonderful suggestions.

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